Summer Break 2018

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The inaugural epoch of the educational institution I had been admitted to has concluded. Therefore, I can stop using more complex version of simple words and say bye-bye to conjunctive adverbs. Hmppff. So, I have a few things in mind for the summer. I value freedom in education and over the last year or so, I haven’t had much freedom. Honestly, I miss the writing courses a little bit. Since I’m probably going to be conducting research or working as an intern in my future summers, I wanted to chill a little bit and really try to branch of a little into things that I was unfamiliar with. Basically, do new things. The list of things I want to do has these ‘new’ things intermixed with my ‘responsibilities’.

The List

I’ll start off with things that were kind of already on my plate. (1) I have to finish up some work on Drythane i.e. I have to add more testing and generally make sure everything runs smoothly. (2) Additionally, I have another project for my dad’s company. I’ll be rebuilding their main website. While it’s nice, it’s kind of old looking and not that accessible to mobiles. (3) The project I created for GrinnellHacks, FoodShare, also needs a lot of work done.

For stuff other than programming, I wanted to learn (4) how to draw (5) and paint because I’m taking Art Studio next semester and generally I think it would be a nice boost to my creativity because I often find that I use the first approach I think of while solving problems and never really look at the problem any other way. My brother and dad bought a guitar because they wanted to learn how to play like Jimmy Page but sadly I think they already lost their motivation. (6) Therefore, I shall salvage the money spend and become a guitar god.  (7) Finally, I wanted to learn a language because why not.


P.S: I have a hard time writing long essays or blog posts. I wonder if I just put my thoughts onto paper succinctly or don’t have many thoughts altogether. I think the former is more likely (I know it’s the latter but let me have this).

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