Looking For Plateaus.

NOTE: This article is meant for people who are fortunate enough to only have personal responsibilities and not external ones i.e. others relying on their success.

I need to get grades on this test. I need to do well in school. I need to get into a good college. I need to get a job in Google. I need to get that promotion.


We are constantly looking for ‘plateaus’ i.e. something to work towards, often forgetting what we really want to achieve. When I was in fourth grade, I made it my goal to get a gold medal in school. In each grade, I worked hard (a little) and exceeded that 85% mark and I got the gold medal. As I stood there waiting for the chief guest to crown me, I didn’t really feel anything. At that moment I realized that even though I made that my goal, I hadn’t really paid attention to why I had made it my goal and would I hoped to gain after completing that goal.

During 12th grade, I went through something similar. As I was applying to college, I realized I didn’t really know what I planned to do in college other than study for stuff. So I took a gap year to figure out which direction I wanted my life to go in – what I wanted to work towards and what my priorities would be. Before you do something, understand what you want to get out of it. If you don’t, you’ll most probably just be wasting your own time.

‘Live in the Now’

It might sound like ‘hippy’ advice, something a college student high on weed would say, but it is absolutely valid. Stop thinking about the next goal, constantly worrying if things will go the way you want them to. Focus on the conversation you’re having currently, stop looking at emails on your phone. Go have dinner, stop refreshing the results you are waiting for. Solve the coding problem you’re currently invested in and get off Reddit.


Do not write a blog post just to fill your blog with new content (like I’m doing right now), you’ll just get shitty ramblings that have no structure (like this article).

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