The To-Do List

I am an expert at starting new projects when I feel inspired by something. I complete them to about 70% and then that’s it.. They rest on my hard drive for eternity. However, I am going to change that and I will use this publicly available web page to shame me into finishing them.


– College Application Handler

This is a C#/WPF application that is supposed to track all the deadlines, essays, financial aid stuff of the colleges that you are applying too. It’s pretty finished, just have to work on serializing data to JSON so you can actually save/load your data. Plus a few other UI related things.

– MenuBuilder

This right here was supposed to add easy and modular navigation menus to your site through JSON data. So instead of creating a div, ul, bunch of li, you basically writeup a menu in JSON like:-

Something like this, and it would create different types of menus from just this data. It’s not even close to being finished, like 5% done.

– Project Butler

Oohh, this is my favourite one. A modular, addon based, command line-esque tool. So you can basically add different small modules that are built on the Project Butler Api and you can use their functionality through a command line type tool that you can bring up in any application through a global hotkey. So for example, press the global hotkey, type “play radiohead”, and it would start playing Radiohead songs.

Pretty cool, I am definitely gonna’ finish this because this is my baby. That sounded weird..

–¬†Twitch Notifier

A C#/WPF application that notifies you when you favourite streamer comes online. Still need to implement serialization and saving, but it’s 90% complete.

–¬†Experimental Music Walk

Playing around with spectrum/data from audio files in Unity, I came across this idea of a 3D music listening space so you can just relax while listening to music inside a virtual environment. Escapism at it’s finest. Don’t know how it’ll turn out in the end but what the hell.