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Hello! Welcome To My Online Thing Stuff.

Hello Fellow Human Being.


In Brief

Hey I’m Aryan. I like to write code, play and design games, and buy stuff I do not require. My biggest pet peeve is not knowing something.

What I Code

Most of my projects are based on the .NET framework – C# (Desktop) and ASP.NET (Web). When making games, I use Unity, Visual Studio is my IDE of choice.

Topics I'm interested in.

Specifically, I’m interested in things I am not currently experienced in; whether it may be Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Procedural Generation and Assembly. I’m always keen on learning new ways to program.

Cups of Coffee

Projects Started

Sleepless Nights

Lines of Inefficient Code Deleted

Importance of Planning Projects

Knowing what to do before you do it can highly increase your productivity and efficiency. Whereas making something without a clear will only leave you will a jumbled mess of things.

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Runtime DLL Linking through Reflection

What is Reflection? The System.Reflection namespace allows us to get information about assemblies, modules, members, methods, parameters, events and other things by examining their metadata. This can be used to create and use instances of types that were loaded at...
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Why you should be using a password manager.

How encryption is broken Generally passwords are cracked through either brute-force attacks, dictionary attacks or some clever social engineering. Brute force attacks are basically using every combination of letters, numbers (and some special characters) possible, for...
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See All The Stuff I've Created

I’ve dabbled into everything from Assembler to XHTML, trying to find what kind of work I like the best and suits me well. This has led to the creation of many projects (and the completion of some).