face of aryan mann

hey! i'm aryan.

this website has stuff about me and the work ive done.

working on...

currently im a part of the synth team at cohere logo cohere, figuring out the ins and outs of making and evaluating high quality synthetic data for steering LLMs

actual work & personal projects


A resource for spaces available to the public around San Francisco. These spaces are vetted and selected to be as free as possible, as nice as possible, and open to the public. We have parks, POPOs, libraries, and more coming as we discover them!

quick summary (longer one here)

  • july 2023 to present – trying to make large language models useful to enterprises (ps: try talking to coral)
  • july 2021 to june 2023 – working on enabling low-touch high-performance synthetic worlds that generate data for computer vision models.. i.e. perception package for Unity Technologies
  • june 2017 to may 2021 – studied computer science and philosopy at Grinnell College. favorite classes: philosophy of mind, automata theory, algorithms, metaphysics!
  • december 2018 to march 2020 – worked at the data analysis and social inquiry lab making information about alumni outcomes accessible to current students via an interactive React app
  • april 2016 to june 2018 – worked on creating three beautiful websites via cutting edge web technologies such as React, NextJs, and SSG. (1) amchemproducts.com (2) drythane.com (3) amshield.com
  • 1990s to april 2016 – ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hot off the press

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todo list

  • add a post about something
  • add more detailed project breakdowns
  • add analytics to track your every movement muahaha
  • remove remaining capital letters